Married Couple
Husband: "Laura let me be more vulnerable than other counselors. It was okay to let my real feelings out without worrying about how it sounded or might make me look. I never feared judgment and because of that, my wife was able to hear honestly where I was at - I was able to be heard - and then Laura helped us work through it."
Wife: "As a woman, I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed or afraid talking with another woman in front of my husband.  Laura supported me when I deserved support and she supported my husband when I was being selfish which showed me she was there to heal our marriage, not take sides and not judge us individually - she showed us that our marriage and our relationship was more than the two of us separately by respecting our relationship when we had forgotten how to."

Meet Laura
Laura A. Hoogerhyde, MA, LPC is a professionally trained and licensed therapist practicing on the lakeshore of West Michigan.                     
                                                                  Specialty Areas

                                                  Women/Teen Girls ~ Couples ~ Groups 

Laura's passion is to help women spanning the ages of 14 through late adulthood, find "hope and strength" for change.  Laura equips women to develop greater self awareness thus experiencing a more peaceful and satisfying life.  She also enjoys working with teenage girls helping them tackle the tough life issues that are unique to adolescence. 
Laura specializes in the areas of:
                                            life adjustment issues
                                            addiction struggles
                                            problem solving skills
                                            boundary regulation
                                            assertiveness skills
                                            self esteem
                                            body image issues
                                            family of origin relationships
                                            parent-child relationships
                                            cultural roles/expectations

Laura also has a heart for marital/couples therapy.  She is a trained Prepare/Enrich Facilitator helping couples
assess the current state of their relationships as well as learn tools for greater growth and intimacy.
Laura helps couples address issues such as:
                                            communication skills
                                            conflict resolution
                                            unmet needs
                                            dating relationships

Group counseling is also one of Laura's specialty areas.  She is passionate about educating women to find peace, balance and rest in their lives, specifically addressing six areas of "Wellness" to include: spiritual, emotional, intellectual, vocational, physical and social.  Laura is committed to helping women live full, productive and meaningful lives.

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