“I met Laura during some of the darkest days of my life. I have never considered myself a “depressed” woman. As a happily married mom of two young girls who loves God, these dark days hit hard and fast; a train wreck. I will be forever grateful for Laura’s presence, kind eyes, listening ears, loving heart, wise counsel and supportive encouragement. All of which helped lead me to where I am today; on a beautiful journey of recovery and healing.”

Women's Issues, Group and Couples Counseling

Face 2 Face

Being a woman in the 21st century is complex and challenging.  There is so much vying for our attention.  The demands of marriage, family, work, health and maintaining relationships produces a tremendous amount of stress for the modern day woman.  At every turn, there are multiple tasks to complete and responsibilities to fulfill.  So much is expected from us.  It's no wonder that we are left feeling tired, frustrated, lonely and weary.

We were not created to walk this life alone.  The burdens that we carry and the challenges that we face can seem overwhelming, painful and difficult.  We can feel lonely, discouraged and isolated in our struggle.  Counseling is a simple process.  Clinically trained in understanding the human condition and personality, the therapist's role is to enter into the life story of another by teaching, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring a person to live differently.

Catherine Mueller-Bell, MA, LPC, PhD is a 20 year seasoned clinician and Associate Professor of Counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary; she expresses it this way, "Counseling is a process that fosters healing, growth and change within a safe and trusting relationship. This experience is transformative since the Counselor provides and facilitates an opportunity for the client to become aware of the truth about their life and discover their full potential."

It is my desire to "speak into" the lives of women in all seasons of life and couples who are struggling. 
I would love to meet with you face 2 face; sit with you, talk with you, journey with you... 
                                                                                                                                       ~ Laura

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